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The realization that body, mind and spirit must come together in harmony and balance is the first step to improved overall health and an improved quality of life.

Holistic Arts Healing in Bellmore NY offers an opportunity to integrate natural remedies into one's life, to cause healing from within, hereby allowing for an optimum state of health.

Americans spend billions of dollars on prescription drugs, medical bills and health insurance. This is not a solution to wellness. Long-term health is about achieving balance within your everyday life. I combine my experience as a critical care nurse, holistic practitioner and Reiki Master to get you well and stay healthy.

Health Care Practitioner

I can't remember a time that I didn't love caring for people and making them feel better. Even as a child, my senses of listening had me realize that I was gifted with special insights and intuition to help my family and friends.

While working as a critical care nurse, I realized that we were treating symptoms and not the cause of disease. I began to study integrative medicine which includes homeopathic, energy and other elemental modalities to heal disease. Taking this path of study results in long term health by integrating your mind, body and spirit.

I have acquired the practices of eastern and ayurvedic practices, emotional stress release, applied kinesiology and nutrition as it relates to healing. I am using all my experience and knowledge to manifest balanced health and wellness to people worldwide. Let me help you next.

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