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The combination of good nutrition, emotional healing and a balanced energy system will lead to long-term health and happiness. Holistic Arts Healing offers comprehensive health alternatives for people that include personally designed programs. This provides for a highly successful outcome.

Health Practitioner

While working as a critical care nurse I realized we were treating symptoms and not the cause of disease. I began to study eastern and energy medicine along with many other forms of healing modalities in order to facilitate long term heath for humanity. My persistence in my studies led me to acquire a tremendous amount of tools that can be used to create wellness for all.

My studies in holistic medicine include energy work, applied kinesiology, healing with food, emotional healing, PTSD, spiritual balancing, and many more. I am using all my knowledge and experience to manifest balanced health and wellness to people worldwide. Let me help you next.

These therapies can be used in conjunction or as a primary course to heal. Even while you are under the care of a physician, healing your emotional and spiritual body will ultimately enhance your healing process.

The ultimate goal is to resolve or heal your imbalances that cause your illness. This method will bring forth wellness, happiness and a fulfilling life.

Nutrition is also a major part of any curative process. Food has energy and nutrients that cause healing on a cellular level. Under stress or trauma, we deplete our stores of vitamins and minerals more rapidly, which contributes to the breakdown of the immune system.

Learning the connection and how to choose food to heal can be daunting. I teach you cost-effective and simple ways to bring food into your everyday life that contributes to your healing process.

Healing is a process. Creating an environment within yourself to cause healing takes time. There are no magic pills that make this a spontaneous event.

In order to give the body and mind a substantial starting point in this process, I have designed 3 different programs that will give the most impact from the start. Each one of these is individually personalized to your current needs.

How Holistic Arts Healing Can Help

All programs are a combination of different modalities tailored to you personally in accordance with what will cause results.

  • Energy balancing
  • Reiki
  • Nutritional education
  • Detoxifying body treatments
  • Sound and color therapy

  • Fitness / exercise
  • Holistic remedies
  • Emotional release
  • Spiritual cleansing


One day: $500.00

Approx 6-8 hours at location of your choice or my location

Three consecutive days: $1500.00

Includes a 2-night stay at my location

All meals and combinations of healing treatments.

One on one personalized treatments & education

Five day program: $3000.00

4-night stay at my location

All meals

One on one personalized treatments and education

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